The Communications Network

Commmunication and Electronics 

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Mobility is one of the keys to success on the modern battlefield. All communications must be geared to support a combat force that must repeatedly move to survive and fight the enemy. The single-channel radio is the primary means of communication for command, fire control, exchange of information, administration, and liaison between and within units. The versatility of radio communications makes it readily adaptable to rapidly changing tactical situations. Radio is essential for communications over large bodies of water, territory controlled by enemy forces, and terrain where the construction of wire lines is impossible or impractical. It is also required for air assault operations.

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Enter a radio net, send a message, and leave a radio net. Use the proper call signs, call sign sequence, prowords, and phonetic alphabet and numerals. Perform all steps correctly.


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