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EO, COO, and POSH Training

Dignity and respect are bedrock values of both the Army and the nation and encompasses more than the traditional military courtesies that leaders and soldiers observe in deference to rank and position. When soldiers are treated with dignity and respect by leaders and their peers, a strong bond develops between them. This bond is founded on mutual trust and serves to cement unit cohesion and to build esprit de corps. When this commitment to treating one another with dignity and respect falters, we risk destroying that which we must hold most precious—the indomitable, warfighting spirit of our soldiers.

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EO is a readiness issue and people are the cornerstone of readiness. Treating soldiers with dignity and respect, and living the Army’s values, are key to good leadership, cohesion, and teamwork. It is the right things to do, both legally and morally. Leaders at all levels must continue to reaffirm their efforts and work to ensure that EO and freedom from sexual harassment are the Army’s standard. Leaders also have an obligation to ensure those you lead create and maintain an environment with no tolerance for any type of discrimination or sexual harassment.


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