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Enlistment and Reenlistment

The U.S. Army is committed to attracting individuals to preserve peace and security at home and around the world. That begins with our recruiting process and to do this requires Soldiers who are Army Strong. The best method to attract a new generation of young adults to serve is to highlight the American Soldier and offer a call to join them.

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Personnel readiness is a responsibility of command. All commanders are Retention Officers, responsible to sustain Army personnel readiness by developing, implementing, and maintaining aggressive local Army Retention Programs, designed to accomplish specific goals and missions consistent with governing laws, policies, and directives.


All commanders will develop, implement, and maintain independent Army Retention Incentive Awards Programs. Programs will be announced in memorandum format and distributed throughout the command, maintained by each Career Counselor (to include those detailed in an additional or full-time duty capacity, (see chap 9), and displayed on unit retention bulletin boards.


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