Good Ideas for Sergeants Time Training

Sergeants Time Training 

21 Recommended classes for your next STT

Sergeant’s Time Training is hands-on, practical training for soldiers given by their NCOs. It provides our NCOs with resources and the authority to bring training publications or Technical Manuals to life and to develop the trust between leader and led to ensure success in combat. In the Active Component, the chain of command and NCO support channel support this vital training event by scheduling five uninterrupted hours of STT each week, usually conducted on Thursday mornings from 0700 - 1200 hours. In the Reserve Component, STT may be difficult to accomplish during a typical Unit Training Assembly or even during Annual Training. But even RC units should plan and conduct STT after mobilization.

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The Part-time Commander recommended 20 Sergeants Time classes in his Apr 2016 blog post  on the same subject, if you are in the Reserve Components his list may be interesting to you, as well as to active duty soldiers.

About Sergeants Time Training

NCOs are the primary trainers of our soldiers. Sergeant’s Time Training (STT) affords a prime opportunity for developing our first line leaders while they gain confidence of their soldiers. Active Component commanders should institute STT as a regular part of the units training program. This will allow NCOs to train certain tasks to their soldiers in a small group environment. Tasks must crosswalk all the way to the Battalion Mission Essential Task List (METL) and commanders must direct their focus on the Quarterly Training Guidance.


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