2018 WARRIOR TASKS - Skill Level 1

Warrior tasks and battle drill chart of classes 

Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

Warrior Task and Battle Drill (WTBD) is defined as a skill taught in either Basic Combat Training or One Station Unit Training to train Soldiers how to survive in combat.

A Warrior Task is an individual Soldier skill. These particular skills are deemed critical to Soldier survival. Examples include weapons training, tactical communications, urban operations, and first aid. Battle Drills are group skills designed to teach a unit to react and survive in common combat situations.

As combat situations expand across the battlefield it is important that all Soldiers possess specific skills needed to survive. WTBD produce Soldiers who are better prepared to fight on today's battlefield immediately upon arrival at their first unit of assignment.

WARRIOR TASKS - Skill Level 1
Army Warrior Training Plan
Task Number Title PPT TSP
(Linked Titles have Multimedia Training)
Subject Area 1: Shoot/Maintain, Employ, and Engage with Assigned Weapon System:
071-COM-0032 Maintain an M16 Series Rifle/M4 Series Rifle Carbine PPT file PDF file
071-COM-0029 Perform a Function Check on an M16-Series Rifle/M4 Series Carbine PPT file PDF file
071-COM-0028 Load an M16- Series/M4 Series Carbine   PDF file
071-COM-0027 Unload an M16- Series Rifle/M4Series Carbine   PDF file
071-COM-0030 Engage Targets with an M16-Series Rifle/ M4 Series Carbine   PDF file
071-COM-0033 Correct Malfunctions of an M16-Series Rifle /M4 Series Carbine PPT file PDF file
071-COM-0031 Zero an M16-Series Rifle/M4 Series Carbine    
Subject Area 2: Shoot/Employ Hand Grenades:
071-COM-4401 Perform Safety Checks on Hand Grenades PPT file PDF file
071-COM-4407 Employ Hand Grenades PPT file PDF file
Subject Area 3: Move/ Perform Individual Movement Techniques:
071-COM-0501 Move as a Member of a Team PPT file   
071-COM-0541 Perform Exterior Movement Techniques During an Urban Operation   Word file 
Subject Area 4: Move/ Navigate From One Point To Another:
071-COM-1000 Identify Topographic Symbols on a Military Map PPT file  PDF file 
071-COM-1001 Identify Terrain Features on a Map PPT file   
071-COM-1008 Measure Distance on a Map PPT file
071-COM-1002 Determine the Grid Coordinates of a Point on a Military Map PPT file   
071-COM-1005 Determine a Location on the Ground by Terrain Association PPT file   
071-COM-1012 Orient a Map to the Ground by Map-Terrain Association PPT file   
071-COM-1011 Orient a Map Using a Lensatic Compass PPT file   
071-COM-1003 Determine a Magnetic Azimuth Using a Lensatic Compass PPT file
071-COM-1006 Navigate from One Point on the Ground to Another Point While Dismounted PPT file   
071-COM-1030 Navigate from One Point on the Ground to Another Point While Mounted  PPT file  
113-610-2005 Navigate using the Defense Advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver (DAGR) PPT file  Word file 
Subject Area 5: Move/ Move under Fire:
071-COM-0502 Move Under Direct Fire PPT file   
071-COM-0503 Move Over, Through, or Around Obstacles (Except Minefields)   Word file 
071-COM-0510 React to Indirect Fire While Dismounted PPT file  Word file 
071-COM-3002 React to Indirect Fire While Mounted PPT file   
071-COM-0513 Select Temporary Fighting Positions PPT file   
Subject Area 6: Communicate/ Perform Voice Communications (SITREP/SPOTREP/9-Line MEDEVAC)
113-587-2070 Operate SINCGARS Single-Channel (SC) PPT file   
113-571-1022 Perform Voice Communications PPT file   
081-COM-0101 Request Medical Evacuation PPT file   
171-COM-4079 Send a Situation Report (SITREP) PPT file   
171-COM-4080 Send a Spot Report (SPOTREP) PPT file   
Subject Area 7: Communicate/ Visual Signaling Techniques:
071-COM-0608 Use Visual Signaling Techniques PPT file   
Subject Area 8: Survive/  React to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Attack/Hazard
031-COM-1036 Maintain Your Assigned Protective Mask PPT file   
031-COM-1035 Protect Yourself from Chemical and Biological (CB) Contamination Using Your Assigned Protective Mask Zip   
031-COM-1019 React to Chemical or Biological (CB) Hazard/Attack Zip   
031-COM-1040 Protect Yourself from CBRN Injury/Contamination with the JSLIST Chemical-Protective Ensemble   Word file 
031-COM-1013 Decontaminate Yourself and Individual Equipment Using Chemical Decontaminating Kits PPT file  Word file 
031-COM-1037 Detect Chemical Agents Using M8 or M9 Detector paper Zip   
031-COM-1021 Mark CBRN-Contaminated Areas Zip   
Subject Area 9:  Survive/ Perform Immediate Lifesaving Measures:
081-COM-1001 Evaluate a Casualty (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) PPT file  Word file 
081-COM-1003 Perform First Aid to Clear an Object Stuck in the Throat of a Conscious Casualty   Word file 
081-COM-1005 Perform First Aid to Prevent or Control Shock PPT file  Word file 
081-COM-1023 Perform First Aid to Restore Breathing and/or Pulse   Word file 
081-COM-1032 Perform First Aid for Bleeding of an Extremity PPT file Word file
081-831-1051 Transport a Casualty using a Military Vehicle PPT file   
081-COM-1046 Transport a Casualty    
081-COM-1007 Perform First Aid for Burns Zip   
Subject Area 10: Survive/ Perform Counter IED:
052-192-1270 React to possible Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Zip   
052-192-1271 Identify Visual Indicators of an Improvised Device (IED) Unclassified / For Official Use Only   
093-401-1264 Search Suspect Vehicle for Improvised Device (IED)    
Subject Area 11: Survive/ Maintain Situational Awareness/Every Soldier as Sensor:
301-371-1000 Report Intelligence Information PDF file   
071-COM-0804 Perform Surveillance without the Aid of Electronic Device PPT file  Word file 
301-348-1050 Report Information of Potential Intelligence Value PPT file  Word file 
Subject Area 12: Survive/ Perform Combatives:
071-COM-0512 React to Man-to-Man Contact  Zip PDF file 
Subject Area 13: Adapt/ Assess and Respond to Threats (Escalation of Force):
171-COM-0011 Employ Progressive Levels of Individual Force when Confronting Civilians   Word file 
181-105-1001 Conduct Operations According to the Law of War PPT file  Word file 
191-376-5148 Search an Individual    
Subject Area 14: Adapt/  Adapt to Changing Operational Environment:
301-CAT-1001 See Yourself Culturally PPT file  
Subject Area 15: Adapt/ Grow Professionally and Personally (Build Resilience):
150-SRT-0001 Develop Professionally PPT file   
150-SRT-0002 Develop in the Five Dimensions of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness    
071-COM-0801 Challenge Persons Entering your Area PPT file  Word file 
071-COM-0815 Practice Noise, Light, and Litter Discipline PPT file  Word file 
191-376-5216 Search a Vehicle for Explosive Devices or Prohibited Items at an Installation Access Control Point   Word file 
191-405-0087 Search a Vehicle Zip Word file

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