Latest Classes for Sep 2016


Here are our latest pre-made military powerpoint classes for September 2016

Here at we try to provide you the latest classes for your sergeants time training, NCOPD, OPD or LPD. Not every training session requires a powerpoint class but when you need one, why reinvent the wheel? These class templates are almost ready for you to present “as-is,” so why spend a lot of time developing your own fresh and new class when we give you a starting point on which to build and customize? You are busy, so let us take the hassle out of staring to build your training slides, you can join our site for the annual price of $9.99 and you get access to the thousands of classes we have available to all of our members. Every month or so we try to give you 10-20 new and updated classes to add to your archives, and we hope some you have been looking for.

September 2016

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Support Team, milMedia Group
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