Mandatory Army Online Training

Army Online Training

The Army’s mandatory training requirements are listed in Appendix G of AR 350-1 (RAR Aug. 4, 2011). Mandatory training consists of senior leader selected general training requirements considered essential to individual or unit readiness for all Soldiers and Army Civilians. This training is common to all Soldiers and Army civilians, regardless of component (unless otherwise noted), branch/career field, or rank/grade, and will be incorporated into unit or institutional training programs as specified in the governing reference AR 350-1 (see table G–1, G–2 or G–3).

If Service Member (SM) can produce proof that training has been completed (Copy of Certificate or Screen Shot “Print Screen” of Test Scores), then Bring hard copies with you. HOWEVER, if SM cannot provide proof of completion of training, SM will have to complete requirements within timelines specified below:

  • All On-Line training must be complete
  • Remember to print all certificates


  • Maintain ORIGINALS for record
Table  includes the below mandatory training requirements for Soldiers
​Subject ​Reference ​Information Resource/Training Link Frequency​
​Anti Terrorism ​AR 525-13 ​I/A
​Army Substance Abuse Program ​AR 600-85 ​I/A
​Army Suicide Prevention Program ​AR 600-63 ​A/P/R
​Combatting Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) Program ​A/P
​Composite Risk Management AR 385-10​ ​O
​Constitution Day Training ​Public Law 108-447, Division J, Sec 111 ​I/A
​Defense Support of Civil Authorities ​ ​A
​Equal Opportunity Program ​AR 600-20 ​I/S
​Ethics ​DOD 5500.7-R
​Operational Security (OPSEC) ​AR 530-1 (Available ONLY from Army Knowledge On-Line. Click the link to go to AKO web site.) ​I/A/P/R
​Prevention of Sexual Harassment ​AR 600-20
​SAEDA ​AR 381-12 ​A
​SERE 100 B ​E8 and Above ​ P
The following codes establish the frequency at which training is to be conducted:
 A: Annual. Trained annually.
 I: Initial Entry. Required upon initial entry into the service.
 O: Ongoing. Continuous training, not a single event.
P: Pre-Deployment. Address before being deployed on an operational mission.
R: Redeployment. Address upon redeployment from an operational mission.
S: Semi-annual. Trained twice per year


*Published pre-deployment training guidance supersedes training requirement frequency contained herein.

Information Assurance (IA) Training

To meet Army Information Assurance (IA)requirements, all personnel who have access to an Army Newtowrk must complete IA training and score 70% or greater on the IA Awareness exam. Access the training online at

Supervisor Development Course (SDC)

The Supervisor Development Course is mandatory for all military and Civilian supervisors of Army Civilians within one year of appointment and as refresher training every three years thereafter. Supervisors are required to meet training requirements by June 30, 2012. Click here for course information.