PPTClasses.com now PowerpointRanger.com

Our long-time PPTClasses.com website has now become PowerpointRanger.com. You can expect the same great Army powerpoint classes, but now with an easy to remember web address.

PowerpointRanger is Topsarge Business Solutions archive of great Powerpoint Classes for NCOPD, OPD, Warrior Tasks and Drills, or Common Task Training (CTT). TBS has long been a provider of internet services to the military, and continues this tradition today.

We are now a subscription site. To join you must register and pay an annual subscription of ($9.99). Or, you can upload a fresh, new classes (no duplicates) and you will be given 1-week free access. For a free account, register as a new user and when you reach the payment screen click the Upload a Class link. We will review your file and approve your access (it may take up to 48-hours to confirm).

Created by SPC Jason Blanchard, USA in 1998, PowerpointRanger was donate to  Topsarge Business Solutions and we have maintained the site ever since. Me may charge a small fee, but you can rest assured that we donate a portion of all our proceeds to soldiers, their families, and Veterans.

Each class donated to this site is reviewed for accuracy, relevance and operational security. We do not knowing allow sensitive, FOUO, or classified classes that put service members at risk should they be viewed in an open forum. Please report classes that do not meet those guidelines.

We want you to check us out and give us suggestions, PowerpointRanger is not only the original site on the web for soldiers to get Army Classes in powerpoint format, but we offer the largest selection. And with our exchange program, you can still get FREE Army Classes just by donating your own class.

Thanks for reading,