The Leader as a Counselor

Leader Counselor

To be effective, counseling must be a shared effort. Leaders assist their subordinates in identifying strengths and weaknesses and creating plans of action. Once an individual development plan is agreed upon, leaders support their Soldiers and Army Civilians throughout implementation… Continue Reading

About Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBD)


What are Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills?  A Warrior Task and Battle Drill (WTBD) is defined as a skill taught in either Basic Training (BCT) or One Station Unit Training (OSUT) to train Soldiers how to survive on the battlefield.… Continue Reading

MDMP, Chapter 4, Commander and Staff Officer Guide ATTP 5-0.1

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MILITARY DECISIONMAKING PROCESS 4-1.       The military decisionmaking process is an iterative planning methodology that integrates the activities of the commander, staff, subordinate headquarters, and other partners to understand the situation and mission; develop and compare courses of action; decide on… Continue Reading